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Agashi’s Bhujing – The Foodie’s Delight

Khaugalli July 24, 2012



The food detectives bring to you an amazingly delicious and the most famous dish of Agashi  – The Chicken Bhujing! Yes, you read it right. If you are from anywhere near to the Virar area then you have heard or even tasted this mouth watering cuisine, but if you have not then…. well well well  you are missing out on some really good  taste buds satisfying dish.

For the ones who are absolutely clueless about what this whole lovely bhujing is all about,    just like the other two detectives with me were,  let me IMG-20141216-WA0002explicate. Bhujing is nothing but a perfect mixture of our very own poha(rice flakes) in the chicken gravy with lots of  smoky barbecued chicken pieces. If you prefer lamb meat, you can gorge on mutton bhujing instead. You will actually find a variety of bhujing at this special bhujing centre of Gawad’s who invented this dish.

The story goes 60 years back when the Gawad’s ran a liquor shop, they invented this Poha mutton dish as a starter. It became an instant hit among the locals first. Today, bhujing centre- a takeaway food joint, is the main business of Gawad’s that needs their full attention and time. People come here from far off places to take away bujing packages with them.  Some even carry abroad. The specially processed bhujing packets can stay fresh till 8 days and otherwise 2-4 days if refrigerated.

Ahhhh coming to the bhujing centres we must not miss the detective’s journey to the place serving varieties of bhujing.  A mild adventure trip it is, traveling to the interiors of Virar…  We took an auto rickshaw from Virar station to Agashi market which is a 20 minutes non-stop drive. And already excited and thrilled about tasting the area’s most delicious dish, what added more to our thrill was – no power,  chilled wind and a reticent road along. It was truly exciting.  If you too are planning to go on a  journey like this  it’s easy– get down anywhere in Agashi,   ask anyone about the bhujing centre and you will get the exact directions to the shop. Once you reach the center and get that yummy pohas mixed in chicken on your plate and have a spoonful of that delectable dish you understand that the journey was worthwhile and the place is more delightful than heaven 😀

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13 Responses to “Agashi’s Bhujing – The Foodie’s Delight”

  1. Have had the opportunity to taste it. Its a wonderful dish.

  2. Thank you happy to share it 😀

  3. can some.comone share the receipe of Bhujing please …..

  4. Hi Tushar, will be posting the recipe soon.

  5. want the real taste , ask the local’s ……… Copying this recipy just impossible ………. You need a perfect combination of rost ,poha, gravy, sesoning masala…!!!

  6. Can’t wait to have my hands on this Exotic looking dish…

  7. We are grown up eating this yummy dish…. Just the word ‘bhujing’ and the taste start lingering in the mouth…. Miss it like anything here in Australia….
    Every time we are back in India, the 1st thing on mind is to go & get the bhujing… Trip to India is incomplete without indulging onto bhujing….

  8. Dhananjay Sutar on November 25, 2013 @ 1:04 pm

    Just had bhujing after 5 years and that too for the second time….And the best part was that, I and my friend ate it on the Arnala beach nearby…..The location itself is beautiful and scenic and bikers wud definitely enjoy driving over there…..Enjoy…Go Bhujing 🙂


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      The food detectives bring to you an amazingly delicious and the most famous dish of Agashi  – The Chicken Bhujing! Yes, you read it right. If you are from anywhere near to the Virar area then you have heard or even tasted this mouth watering cuisine, but if you have not then…. well well […]

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